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CIDT is a research and translation company based in the suburb of Maadi in Cairo. We offer our customers a number of services in the field of translation and research.


Commercial Translation Services

We can provide you with accurate and speedy translation services of contracts, legal documents, manuals, reports and articles from Arabic to English, German, Dutch and Danish. Translations are undertaken by qualified professionals to ensure the highest quality of work.


Tailored Research

You can commission us to research specific topics and phenomena within the contemporary Middle East tailored to your preferences.


Seminars and Conferences

We can organize and facilitate workshops, conferences and seminars through the use of our extensive network in a number of fields.


Research facilities

We provide in-house research facilities to students and professors focusing on the Middle East and specifically inter-communal relations in the region.

Arab-West Report
We also maintain the online academic publication Arab-West Report which is registered in the Netherlands under ISSN nr. 2210-3597 and is dedicated to challenging biased reporting and stemming inter-communal conflicts in the Middle East and between the Arab World and the West. 

We urgently need Freelance English Editors

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All you need are good written English skills, a computer and an internet connection. Good rates and prompt payment.


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