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CIDT is always looking for talented applicants of all experience levels. If you are interested in working for us, or want to know more about what we do, do not hesitate to contact our office manager Mr. Adel Rizkallah on adel.rizkallah (at) cidtegypt.com. 

Vacancy Research Assistant Database building

A full time research assistant, Egyptian, assisting our database researcher in classifying texts of Arab-West Report (www.arabwestreport.info) and describing recorded interviews according to criteria of the Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) in The Netherlands (http://www.dans.knaw.nl/en).

Positions 40 hours per week, six months, days off on official feasts in Egypt.

Daily office hours: 9.00 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 18.00 hrs

Location: Maadi, Cairo.

Start of work: as soon as possible


Preserving the electronically stored data in Arab-West Report on pluralism in Egyptian society through preparing the data for storage in the archive of DANS for better access to scholars. The data concern Muslim-Christian relations, research into Muslim-Christian tensions, discussions about religious and political pluralism in primarily Egypt which aim at fostering a better mutual understanding between Muslims and Christians, Egypt and non-Arabic speaking countries.


Arab-West Report is published by the Stichting Arab-West Foundation in the Netherlands and produced by the Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT), in Maadi, Cairo. Database building and making this accessible is not-for-profit work.

Our database

Arab-West Report contains around 40.000 articles and reports, of these around 15.000 in Arabic and 25.000 in English. The focus is on the classification of English texts. Arab-West Report contains both own research, interviews and articles and  possibly around 25,000 summary translations of Arabic media since 1997. Of these texts articles between 1997 and August 2010 have been mostly classified. All approximately 8000 articles between August 2010 and today need to be classified.

Expected outcome of this project

Classifying articles and reports between 1997 and today. Providing DANS with a list of all own Arab-West Reports with classification according to DANS criteria. This includes:

  • AWR papers, 2007 – today – 60 (mostly completed)
  • AWR reports, 1998-today (in the AWR facts and figures called ‘special reports’)  - no counter exists, an estimated 1500 texts
  • Biography project (2007-2010),
  • Recorded audio interviews, around 300 (estimate, no specific count) – no descriptions of these interviews exist. These need to be made.
  • Full transcript of interviews, around 100 (estimate, no specific count), listing of interviewees we can possibly obtain permits from, who has passed away, who is currently in prison.
  • Making a full overview of full texts used from other media and asking for permits to place them in the DANS archive.
  • Uploading the above mentioned texts in the DANS database 

 Expected qualifications and tasks Research assistant

  • BA degree or more in any of the social sciences or English or Arabic
  • Bilingual Arabic/English
  • familiarity with the transliteration system of Arabic (IJMES) or willingness to learn this
  • Good experience in internet search
  • Experience in Egypt and in data entrée is greatly preferred
  • Writing descriptions of all recorded interviews
  • Contacting Egyptians we have interviewed in the past to obtain permits to store the recorded interviews and transcriptions of the texts in the database.
  • Assisting in classification work of the full-time researcher
  • Being aware of academic classification criteria
  • Time writing to monitor speed of work

This work will be supervised by Arab-West Report Editor-in-chief Cornelis Hulsman.

We expect from the research assistant

  • Making an good effort to familiarize with DANS data storage criteria
  • Great precision and dedication to this task that will help data that aim at a better understanding of Egypt become accessible to a scholarly public.

Contracts will be provided.


Payment for the entire period of this six month employment contract amounts to 21000 EgP, paid as following: 2500 EgP/net per month during 6 months and 6000 EgP upon completion of the period, since CIDT will not receive full funding upon not completing the project before the deadline.

For more information and application please contact

Cornelis Hulsman


Tel: 0100-5684877


Adel Rizkallah


tel: 0100-6465566