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Discrepancies Between Coptic Statistics in the Egyptian Census and Estimates Provided by the Coptic Orthodox Church

Cornelis Hulsman
MIDEO 29 (2012)
The political use of Coptic statistics remain largely unrecognized in Egypt and among specialists on the Middle East. Challenging the generalized and false assumption that Copts represent 10% of Egyptians, the paper describes the discrepancies between statistics held by Egypt's authorities and the Coptic Church and the political and cultural reason behind these discrepancies.

The Context of the Brutal Attack on a Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria on January 1, 2011: Analysis based on 15 years of research on Muslim-Christian Relations in Egypt

Otmar Oehring (ed.) Author: Cornelis Hulsman
Internationales Katholisches Missionsverk e.V., Germany, 2011
ISSN 1618-6222
The brutal attack on a Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria on January 1, 2011, shows that strong efforts are needed to counter religiously motivated extremism. In order to do so, we firstly need to understand why people want to join extremist groups in the first place.

Christian activists' contributions to Christian migration from Egypt

Cornelis Hulsman
MIDEO 28 (2010) pp. 569-592

To be an effective advocate for peace, media distortions must be addressed

Cornelis Hulsman and Sawsan Gabra Ayoub Khalil
Quaderns de la Mediterrània (June 2007)
This paper stresses that misguided media reporting often only serves to further tensions, particularly in cases of sectarian strife. They urge individuals to not only critically consider what is published, but if incorrect information is presented as factual evidence, to do something about it.